A Summer Wedding at Micheal Hall School {Sinead and Giacomo}

I really loved shooting this wedding.  There was loads of stunning light, great backdrops and beautiful people.  I loved that they made so many personal touches and really understood what is at the heart of a wedding.

It first started with the hotel in the morning, the incredible Gravetye Manor.  Gravetye Manor has a lot of connections to Sinead’s family, and even Sinead herself had spent years working in the hotel.

It was then on to the Micheal Hall School.  This building holds a lot of memories to Sinead as well.  She spent many years on the grounds of the school studying and making friends for life.  Many of those friends were there at the wedding and revisiting their old school and reliving memories.

After the outdoor ceremony, they headed to the tipi marquee for the meal.  The tipi on the school grounds was a perfect set up for the wedding day, plenty of space for dinner.  On the tables, they had placed tiny jars of olive oil, grown on Giacomo’s family land in Sicily.

Sinead and Giacomo- Thank you very much for having me and my second shooter, Irene, along to photograph your incredible day.  It was an honour to be there!



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Wedding on Heaven Farm Uckfield, East Sussex {Oliver & Emma}

There couldn’t be a better name for this wedding venue then Heaven Farm.  A peaceful spot nestled between a lake, a forest and a field.  It was even once voted one of England’s most beautiful farms. Emma and Oliver couldn’t have picked a better spot for their wedding.

Heaven Farm, in East Sussex, was a perfect spot for an outdoor wedding.  It had a lovely spot that allowed them to get legally married outside and a really lovely spot a tipi.  Emma and Oliver completely lucked out on the weather as well, you couldn’t of asked for a more perfect day.

Although Oliver and Emma come from different backgrounds, one from a farm and the other from the city.  They both love the same things, they love festivals and music and spending time with their friends.   The most important thing for Oliver and Emma are their children.  Their children were such an important part of the day as well.

As the sun started to set over the field of Heaven Farm, we headed out for a quick set of pictures with that that glorious golden light.  It didn’t take long to get a crackin’ set!

Oliver and Emma- Thank you so much for having me be apart of your wedding.  It was so much fun putting your wedding albums together and reliving the day!  You both, your friends and your family were such a lovely set of people and I loved photographing the whole thing!


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My Favourite Images of 2018 {London Wedding Photographer Kari Bellamy}

Happy New Year!

Just a couple of days, my husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary.  It’s crazy how quickly time goes by, and even nine years on, I still look at back at our wedding photos.

This year, I fell behind again on blogging individual weddings. Something I hope to catch up on in the next few months.  So many weddings during 2018 were absolute crackers.  For this blog post, I pulled a few images from each wedding, so you’ll be able to see a little glimpse of what I’ve been up to.

On a personal note, 2018 was an awesome year.  Throughout the year, I made extra time to work on honing my craft and expanding my skill set to add video to my photography packages, and speaking at Snap Photography Festival.  I was able to travel across the world and made time to spend time with my friends, family, and my husband.  There were also personal fitness goals like: the tough mudder, hiking across a lava field in Hawaii to see fresh lava, passing my first marital arts test, and starting to learn how to ski.

Although I fell behind in blogging each wedding, I do want to take this chance to thank all my clients for being so awesome.  Every one of you welcomed me into your wedding day like I was a friend and a guest and gave me such a personal look into your lives.  You were easy to photograph because you were open to being yourselves.  My life is better for having done this job and for getting to know all of you on one of the best days of your lives.

Here’s to a crackin’ 2019!

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Wedding at The Dairy on Waddesdon Manor {Kelly & Paul}

It feels like it’s straight out of a fairytale and definitely doesn’t feel like England yet just 50 miles from London lies the incredible Waddesdon Manor.  Built as a weekend residence by the Rothschild family, Waddesdon Manor channels a grand French Style that feels more Versailles than Buckinghamshire.  And with that incredible backdrop, The Dairy on the grounds of Waddesdon Manor is the perfect venue for a wedding.

The name “The Dairy” is a bit misleading, as this isn’t any normal farmyard building.  Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild commissioned it to house his prize-winning herd of cattle on the grounds of the estate, it was heavily influenced by Marie Antoinette’s farm at Versailles.  Sitting on a small lake, surrounded by willow trees, the Dairy is one of the most unique and quirky buildings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a wedding in.

I can totally understand why Kelly and Paul fell in love with it for their wedding.  They loved how idyllic and naturally beautiful it felt.  They wanted it to feel relaxed but elegant and romantic, and wanted to emphasise this feeling with their florals of loose greens and decorations.

After the knot was tied and their speeches said, I stole Kelly and Paul away from their wedding for a few minutes. We then popped up to Waddesdon Manor for photos.  I wanted to wait until a little later in the day for their photos, once the tourists had left, and once the light was just right.  And boy was it worth the wait, Waddesdon was incredible backdrop for a wedding photo session. To add the cherry on top, Kelly and Paul’s were such naturals in front of the camera and were so awesome at making each other laugh.

Kelly and Paul- Thank you for having me be apart of your incredible wedding.  You guys were so much fun to hang out with on the day and it did really feel like I was photographing a wedding for friends than just being hired to be there.

A quick shout out to one of my favourite florists, The Great Little Flower Company.   You can also see more about weddings at Waddesdon Manor on their site.


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The Incredible Wedding of Sarah Elabdi and Jack Garratt

I’ve never photographed a wedding quite like the wedding of Jack Garratt’s and Sarah’s Eladbi.  Wedding might not even be completely the right word.  It was more of a wedding merged into epic musical event.

It was their tie to the music industry that caused Jack and Sarah to meet in the first place.  Jack is an musician and Sarah was interning at a London record label when they crossed paths. So it was their London wedding brought their relationship in full circle.

For their ceremony, they found the upper floor of what is now Eat Native on Southwark Street.  With an incredible floral circle backdrop, Jack and Sarah read their personal vows to each other and had an intimate ceremony was lead by a close friend.  After they tied the knot and made everything official, Jack and Sarah and all of their guests were lead down to the reception by a brass band playing Stevie Wonder’s “For Once in My Life”

Jack and Sarah aren’t your traditional couple, so of course they didn’t pick a traditional wedding venue. Because of their music industry connections, they were lucky enough to have their wedding reception at the amazing OMEARA, which on a normal night you can find gigs from some incredible artists from around the world.

Naturally a big part of Jack and Sarah’s wedding was music.  Even during the speeches, Jack’s mum played the harp with Jack singing a surprise song to Sarah.  Afterwards there was two sets of live music throughout the night from many of their wedding guests featuring a lot of their favourite songs.

On top of the live music all evening, there was relaxed and fun handheld food with no seated dinner, a magician making the rounds, a audio guest book in a vintage telephone booth, showings of Jack and Sarah’s favourite Pixar films, an incredible desert bar baked by a GBBO winner.

Sarah and Jack- Thank you so much for having me and my assistant be apart of your amazing wedding!  It was so much fun to photograph and I definitely know I’ll never see another wedding like it.  Being able to witness such incredible music live was definitely one of the highlights of my year!

The Star Suppliers!

Audio Guest Book: The Big Red Box 

Drinks: Seedlip 

Desert Bar: Frances Quinn 

DJ: Pat Nazemi 

Logo Design: Franz Jeitz (Fudgegraphics)

Wedding Venue: OMEARA LONDON

Flowers: Hattie Fox, That Flower Shop 

Magician: Gareth Kalyan 

Wedding Planner: Rebecca Uttley of My Golden Ladder 

Late Night Pizza: Baz & Fred 

Bridal Hair: Victoria Ralph

Wedding Dress: Limor Rosen 

Grooms Suit: Casely-Hayford 

Ceremony Location: Eat Native

Video: GattMoff 

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