A few years ago, I was both a photographer and a guest at a good friend's wedding. His family were overseas and unable to attend, so they were hoping to livestream the wedding. When the livestream failed, I knew I had to try and grab some video clips for them on top of the photography.  

I immediately loved the way video added an extra layer of complexity and creativity to my work. It forced me to think about moments differently and look for motion in ways I hadn’t before. 

Since then, I’ve added sound to my highlight films and worked on ways to make them more cinematic. I love adding a small bit from a speech, a reading or your vows. Hearing a loved one's voice adds something magical to the films. 

Some Moments Take a Little Longer 

Once I’ve nailed the photo, if the moment is still happening, I can grab a short video clip with the same cameras. These clips are then combined to make a 3-4 minute highlight video. For shorter moments, we’ll have to make some key choices in advance about your preferences for what is filmed and what’s photographed.

Photography always comes first. 


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If video is a priority for you, a highlight video from me cannot replace a separate videography team. But it’s a great fit if you’re looking to add a little bit of video to your wedding coverage, without adding to the number of suppliers. 

Add Film to Your Wedding Coverage 

Sarah & Steve

You did wonderfully at humouring endless photo requests and never took Steve and I away from the party for too long.

We are so impressed with how you managed to be everywhere all at once yet also completely invisible!!

Marcus & Isla

You have such a good personality for helping nervous newlyweds through the event! Professionally you have done a superb job and your skills with a camera shine through your work!

Thank you for being such a happy, bubbly and caring person, right from the first time we met you.

Vanessa & Ben

You became like another good friend rather than just being there to take our photo. You added to our experience and became a huge part of the day with your personality and sense of humour.

You are a complete professional and so good at what you do

Cem and Kat 

The pictures she took of me and my wife are true treasures that we will be looking at for a lifetime.

Kari absolutely blew past my expectations.