My favourites from 2021

If 2020 was a wimper, 2021 was a bang.

So many of my lovely clients that had postponed from 2020 were finally able to tie the knot in 2021. Then added on top were new clients that were already booking for 2022, which made for a very busy year!  So even though it felt like it was a marathon of weddings, each one was still incredible to witness and be apart of.  Every single wedding felt like a celebration of families and friends coming back together, and it was beautiful.

Still, so many of my couples still had to make sacrifices this year in regards to their weddings.   There were still so many unknowns with travel restrictions and on top of the added stress of not knowing if there were going to be surprise rules placed on gatherings at any point.  However, my amazing couples still pulled together some epic weddings this year, even if it wasn’t anything like what they originally planned.

I want to say a special thank you to my clients, and that even though your weddings dramatically changed, you still had an amazing time and that really shows in the photos.  Each and every one of you were so amazing to work with, and even though there was sometimes added stress, I feel like I walked away from every wedding with new friends.

So here is my favourite images from the last year, and what an incredible year it was…

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The year that was 2020

Where do I even start with this blog post…

When the lockdown started, it was surreal to watch my inbox fill up with email after email from my clients making the difficult decision to postpone. I totally understand why so many of my clients would need to do so, with so much uncertainty, it’s hard to make plans and it’s heartbreaking to cut your guest list numbers.

And to be honest, this year was a challenge to adjust to shooting.  A lot of the things I love about weddings weren’t there, from the endless embraces to the drunk dancing. I missed being able to shake my client’s hands or give them a big hug at the end of a long day. And it’s hard to photograph emotion on someone’s face when they’re wearing a mask.

However, the weddings I witnessed this year I’ll never forget, from rearranging last minute to avoid the lockdown wedding ban to champagne on the steps of the town hall.  The tiny little elopements with only two witnesses but hundreds tuning in to the zoom broadcast.  And the emotional vows when you finally get to say “I do” after your 4th time trying to set your wedding date.

And knowing that even with two guests, photography was still important to my clients.  They might not have had a wedding reception or a wedding bouquet, but they still made photography a priority to them. And that was so rewarding.

Before 2020, I would have argued that weddings were a luxury and not really a necessity as they had been in the past.  Now, having been through this year, I’ve come out to realize that weddings and celebrations like them are a necessity for our lives and our mental wellbeing.  We need these little moments to remind us what it’s all for and have the time with the people we really care about.  I found myself craving these moments throughout the year.

This blog post might not contain as many weddings or engagement sessions as my other “best of the year” blog posts but every single one of these images has a story behind it.  So I wanted to say big huge thank you to my clients, from the ones that did succeed at getting married this year and the ones that decided to postpone. Every single of one of my couples were so incredibly lovely and I really did feel like we were working together to find a way to make their wedding work.

So here’s to 2021, and the hope that we’ll keep fighting for the things that are worth fighting for.

– Kari

a london engagement photoshootA indian pre-wedding photoshoot in Londona church wedding in oxfordshireA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA intimate and small church wedding in OxfordshrieA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA indian pre-wedding photoshoot in LondonA wedding photoshoot near Chelsea Old Town Hall a small wedding at Coworth Parklondon city engagement sessionA indian pre-wedding photoshoot in LondonA wedding at Old Marylebone Town HallA intimate and small church wedding in OxfordshrieA intimate and small church wedding in OxfordshrieA intimate and small church wedding in Oxfordshrie


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Love is Stronger Than Lockdown: Kathleen and Andrew’s Last Minute Church Wedding

Kathleen and Andrew had planned their dream wedding in April, with hopes of beautiful spring weather, all of their friends and family and an epic party to finish off the day.  Then the national lockdown happened, so they rearranged to late November, surely things would be better by then?  Then as the summer progressed, they trimmed down their guest list and moved to a smaller venue, surely their wedding could still go ahead with fewer guests?

Then the second national lockdown hit and once again a ban on weddings, and Kathleen and Andrew were forced to have to rearrange again.  Instead of putting their wedding off again for months and worrying that once again it may or may not happen, they decided to rearrange everything in two days so they could be married before lockdown.

One thing that’s been amazing to witness this year is seeing so many wedding vendors go out of their way to make sure they could still be there for their clients. And that was still the case with Kathleen and Andrew’s wedding even with such short notice.  They were still able to have hair and makeup, and an incredible car and flowers.  Their neighbour baked them a cake with just a days notice and even the bell ringers turned up to the church.

Even though Kathleen and Andrew could only have their immediate family at the wedding ceremony, the ceremony itself since felt full of cheer as they were finally able to get married after so many months of uncertainty.

Even though I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, I’ve never shot one quite like this one.  It was an emotional ceremony, and I loved the vicars final thought from her wedding sermon: “Love is stronger than lockdown”.


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A very London Wedding featuring the St. Pancras Hotel, Islington Town Hall and the Swan Pub {Ashley & Stewart}

I really loved shooting this wedding and getting to know Ashley and Stuart. Their wedding was incredibly fun and it was great to see how many of their friends and family came over from the United States.  

From their ceremony in the Richmond Room of Islington Town Hall to their wedding Breakfast at the Swan next to Shakespears Globe, it was important to them to really have the best that London has to offer for their wedding.  So for their wedding portrait photos, we snuck into the prettiest railway station in London, St. Pancras Station. We were even able to sneak into the grand staircase of the Saint Pancras Renaissane Hotel. 


Registry office: Richmond Room at Islington Town Hall

Hair and Makeup:  CJC Hair and Makeup 

Wedding Breakfast and Reception: The Swan 

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A Greenwich Yacht Club Wedding {Russell & Lucy}

Planning to get married in 2020 has turned into a bit of a challenge, to say the least.  Lucy and Russell watched Lucy and Russell didn’t want to wait any longer to get married. So even though there were still loads of restrictions to their wedding, including face masks and social distancing, Lucy and Russell were absolutely excited that they could go ahead with their wedding on their original wedding date.

Lucy still arrived in style on an incredible union jack boat after a trip up and down the Thames. They then had their wedding at the fantastic Greenwich Yacht Club in London. It’s nestled right on the river Thames, just a stone’s throw away from the 02.  They have two venue spaces, one that sits right over the river, and a second smaller one that overlooks the boatyard.  The Greenwich Yacht Club was great for wedding photography, with big stunning windows letting loads of fantastic light during their ceremony to having such an unusual backdrop with the boatyard and the yacht club itself.

Even though I was only apart of Lucy and Russells wedding day for a short amount of time, I had a fantastic time with them and their family and friends.  Thank you so much for having me be apart of wedding!

wedding at greenwich yacht club

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