Hey! I'm Kari, a lipstick-loving, spreadsheet-obsessed wedding photographer in London.  I live in Greenwich with my husband Paul and cat Quentin (who even has his own Instagram - yes, I'm that cat mum).  

I've been shooting weddings for 10 years and have won a bunch of awards.  I'm pretty proud of that, but I won't bang on about it, because to me wedding photography is all about you.  You're looking for romantic, epic wedding photos that tell the story of your day, while simultaneously making you look amazing. You want a wedding that's all about the people, the hugs the tears... and of course the party. You want a photographer knows what they're doing, runs a slick operation, and who can document the day thoughtfully and creatively.  If this sounds like you, then you've found your perfect wedding photographer! 

Let’s tell your love story

"We absolutely love all the photos! You are incredible at what you do and we can't thank you enough for documenting our day so brilliantly! Thank you!" 

-Hanna & Rob  


My name is Kari, and I'm a Type A *waves*. 

I'm not even going to lie.  I'm a total Type A.  I'm super competitive at board games, I over plan my holidays and I'm probably guilty of organised fun.  But my couples totally get me, and they love that I can whip through group photos while keeping an eye on the time and simultaneously making people smile.  

I'm often told it seems like there were 10 of me on the day, because I always make sure I'm in the right place and the right time to capture the moments. This comes down to very careful planning and watching people (as well as comfy shoes so I can sneak around like a Ninja in red lipstick). 

I pride myself on being a friendly face at a wedding- as such, I frequently shoot with my camera screen rather than looking through the viewfinder.  I want your guests to see my face and not feel intimated by the camera.  This helps me get relaxed photos of everyone enjoying themselves without feeling self-conscious.  I'm not afraid to crack a silly joke if the mood takes me, either.  I want the day to feel comfortable and relaxed for your guests and to feel totally fine about having a photographer around 

I'd describe my wedding photography as 'artistic, romantic documentary with a touch of cinematic flair'. Most of my work is documentary, meaning I won't stop you doing what you're doing, I'll simply capture it as it happened - although I do love the little details and the thoughts my couples put into their weddings too.  I should admit to you now: I'm a perfectionist.  I appreciate photography that's flattering to the subject. In other words, I make sure you look smoking hot.   

photo of wedding photographer Kari Bellamy