My favourite moments are the moments in between. The moment you step into the light of a church door. The huge hug with your best friend that you haven’t seen for ages right after your ceremony The bridesmaid that absolutely has to adjust your dress train even though it was already perfect.  

Not only do you want your wedding photography to capture these moments as they happen, you want them to be thoughtfully and artistically captured as well. From the angle to the composition and the editing, your images can be more than just simple snapshots. They can be your own bespoke works of art.

Incredible Images, Whatever the Weather

You may be dreaming of a perfect sunny day for your wedding, but the great British weather could have other plans. You'll still have a fantastic time celebrating with your friends and family, but what about your photos?

Whether you decide to brave the elements and embrace the rain or stay inside nice and dry, there's no reason to worry. You've hired a wedding photographer that's seen it all.

Weddings are about celebrating your commitment and the merging of two families together into one. You have guests coming from around the world to be there on the day, and I want you to have plenty of time to see everyone.

Ideally, to capture their portraits, I like to steal couples for small portions of time during the course of a wedding day. This way your guests won't notice you're gone for too long, and I can take advantage of the changes in weather, light and location as the day moves on.

Your wedding shouldn’t revolve around photography, photography should fit perfectly into your day.

I love it when I can steal a few minutes in the church while your guests are queuing up for confetti, or a few minutes while your guests are finding their seats for the meal. 

I'm ready!




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Lou Baltruschat,

Kari’s use of light always blows me away, especially her sun-drenched portraits where her couples look so very in love. Plus, her couples are always raving about her personal service and resulting images. I love featuring Kari’s photography and hope to do so for a long time to come.

She has the ability to capture the meaningful moments in a way that looks truly beautiful.

Catherine & MichaeL

Thank you so, so much for the beautiful photographs. I have to thank you for your personality! You are so calm, organised, entertaining, fearless (running into traffic for another one of my favourite photos you took!) and accommodating… The pictures are phenomenal and surpassed all of my expectations.

They are quite literally everything I dreamed of and more…

Ann Sydney & Blake

As I've stated before and I’ll state again, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! These are absolutely incredible. I don't know how we can ever thank you enough. Your photos are perfect and exactly what we wanted. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Just when I thought I couldn't love you any more than I already do!

Amy & Oliver

As a bit of a control freak, I was constantly looking around to see what should be photographed. And you were always five steps ahead of me and every time I looked around it was like there were ten of you! You never missed a moment, and you used every second efficiently.

Beyond your beautiful work, thank you for your calm and professionalism.


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