Katherine and James’s Engagement Session in the Barbican, London




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As someone who shoots a lot of engagement sessions in London, I do see my fair share of locations like the Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge.   However, one of my favourite locations is one that many Tourists have never heard of, and some locals even! If you’ve never been to The Barbican, you’re really missing out.

It’s architectural style isn’t for everyone.  There are some that aren’t fans of it’s intense use of concrete, or the brownish colours everywhere.  But Katherine and James (and myself) are all big fans! It’s great use of walkways and mixed use.  It’s a great place to sit out in the sun, take in a movie or a show and feel completely comfortable.  I love how the architects hid away all of the car transport from the main walking area, so when you’re in the main square of the Barbican, it feels like a oasis of calm in the middle of London.

I’m so glad that Katherine and James jumped at the chance to shoot their engagement photos at the Barbican.  We had a fantastic afternoon walking around to our favourite spots and talking about their wedding that’s coming up soon.  I’m over the moon excited about their wedding and I know it’s going to be fantastic!

  1. Ross Barber says:

    What a cool venue for this session!