Ryan and Rishma Sunrise Engagement Shoot in London




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During the summer, my schedule gets a bit insane.  My weekends become fully booked, so when Rishma emailed me about doing her and Ryan’s engagement shoot.  I suggested a weekday morning at sunrise in Central London.  There are some amazing perks of shooting at dawn: empty London streets and amazing light.  Of course the only downside is waking up before the sunrises.  I think you’ll agree after looking at their photos- it’s totally worth the early morning.

Ryan is from United States, Rishma is from Canada.  They met here and made their life here in London.  Even though they aren’t getting married in the UK, It’s only fitting that their engagement shoot represents their first home together and the city they fell in Love in.

london engagement session_0026.jpg
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london engagement session_0029.jpglondon engagement session_0043 london engagement session_0031.jpg
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  1. Mark Pool says:

    Stunning shoot. This shoot is one of the nicest engagement shoots I have seen.