Charlotte and Neil’s Country Walk Engagement Session

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Charlotte and Neil have this country walk near there home that they quite enjoy. It passes through their local village, pass some nice looking pubs, through some woods, over a farmers field, and then down into this beautiful little valley with a river running through it. They enjoy this walk so much that they wanted to make it the location for their engagement session.

It started to rain halfway through our journey, but right afterwards we were rewarded with the most fantastic spring sunshine. The birds were singing, and Charlotte and Neil were the best company to have.

Beautiful country walks with lovely people…. always a great way to spend an evening.

chenies hertfordshire engagement session_0012.jpg
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  1. Mercedes says:

    Beautiful! Kari, I love that light.

  2. I love how close they look to each other. Really love the reflection in the puddle.

  3. Amy says:

    aww, beautiful setting, lovely photos, I can see the love in their eyes, Best wishes from Amy