Botnay Bay Couples Photoshoot {Anna and Thomas}




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So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and put together a promotional “about me” video for my website.  This year is the first year out of the many I’ve been in business that I’ve made an active effort to get in front of the camera instead of just being behind it all of the time.

I decided have part of the promotional film at Botany Bay as I’ve often seen photos of it’s beautiful white stone cliffs and just thought it was stunning.  I wanted a location that had stunning scenery, great light, and lots of movement. I’m also one to do some crazy stuff while I shot, so I knew I’d be happy to go into the water, which would look good on film.

I knew I would have to photograph “something” while being filmed.  The amazing Anna Pumer and her parter Thomas volunteered to be my models for the evening.  Anna is a fellow wedding photographer and I’m so glad that I gotten to know her and Thomas through this awesome job.  They are both so easy to photograph and Thomas is fantastic at making Anna laugh.

I’m working with the fantastic Iris from Filmwerkstatt, and I’m really excited about what we’re putting together.   I can’t wait to add the video to my site! Very exciting! For now, here’s a little sneak peek of what the video looks like via some of my photos.

And here’s a little behind the scenes of our shoot.  Thanks to Iris for making the trip out to film on this pretty, although quite out of the way beach.  I can’t wait to see what the final film will look like!