A Back Garden Festival Wedding {Anna & Dave}

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I first met Anna and Dave when I photographed Anna’s sister wedding seven (SEVEN!) years ago. It’s always such an honour to be asked back to do another family members wedding.

For this wedding, I was doing both the photography and the video myself, as a one person team.  Doing both on my own is a unique challenge, and it’s not the perfect fit for every wedding, but it worked really well for this relaxed garden wedding.  I had plenty of time to focus on both, and just having only one person there I think helped the guests feel more relaxed and comfortable with the camera.

I do love how photo and film can capture completely different things well.  Like photos wouldn’t do Anna’s recorder performance during the speeches justice, but luckily it’s featured on the film.  I also don’t think the full “grace and elegance” of the dachshund ring bearer running down the aisle would work as well on film as it’s conveyed in a photo.

I really loved photographing this wedding, it was such a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  From the slam poetry readings to the disco balls hanging on trees, it really lived up to it’s back garden festival vibes.

Anna and Dave, thank you so much for having me be a part of your wedding and not only trusting me with the photography but the film as well.  I had a blast being a part of this!

A handmade wedding sign for a backyard festival wedding.A brides wedding dress hanging up. A handmade wedding sign for a backyard festival wedding. A bride doing her own makeup.People helping lace up a wedding dress. A brides father walking her down the aisle.  A dog ring-bearer. A confetti moment for a backyard festival wedding. A confetti moment for a backyard festival wedding. A wedding guest carrying chairs for a backyard festival wedding.