Annabel and Stav’s London City Engagement Session




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Today’s blog post is an engagement session that was shot last summer, but I fell a bit behind on blogging in the middle of the busy summer season.   Annabel and Stav were married this September, and you can see their beautiful wedding here.

This engagement session was a bit unusual, as I had a 2nd shooter. My normal engagement session are just me by myself (with the couple of course).   My lovely second shooter Irene was with me as we were heading off early in the morning the next day for a wedding.  It was a great fit that she came along for their engagement session as she was 2nd shooting their wedding as well, and would be a excellent chance for the couple to get to know the 2nd shooter as well as me.

We initially planned to do their engagement session in a Park in South London, however it started to pour raining when we met up.  So we decided to head for the covered options of central London as a backup rain plan.  It finally cleared up by the end of their session, and even some sunlight poked through!

I think Stav will probably agree with the statement that he’s not comfortable in front of the camera, and really didn’t like having his photograph taken in public.  However, on his wedding day he was able to relax a lot more with having his picture taken having met me and my 2nd shooter in advance of the wedding.   It was well worth the exercise and was a great reminder for me why I include these in my packages.  Sure, not everyone wants one, but some people need them.

kari bellamy photography_0010.jpg
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kari bellamy photography_0015.jpg

Thanks so much Annabel and Stavos for braving the rain and making it work! And thank you Irene for 2nd shooting!

  1. Love all the creative framing and compositions! Beautiful work!