An Intimate Wedding at Islington Town Hall {Heather & Hillyer}

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Heather and Hillyer wanted a small wedding.  Nothing too over the top and nothing too fancy.   The Georgia natives have been living in London the last couple of years, and knew it was the perfect place to tie the knot.

Their only wedding guests were their parents who flew over from the States and two close friends.  Even though there was only a handful of wedding guests, they still wanted to have their ceremony in the stunning Council Chamber of Islington Town Hall.

After they made everything legal and had some confetti thrown at them, we headed on the streets of Islington for some photos.  We timed the photos perfectly, we had stunning light while were outside, and then as soon as we popped into pub where they were going to have their evening drinks, the heavens opened up and it started to pour.

From talking to Heather and Hillyer, you could tell they weren’t fussed with having a big wedding, but they didn’t want to lose out on the chance of having wedding photos.  I was so incredibly touched with how important photography was to them, and I’m honoured that they had me there to be apart of this intimate London wedding.