A London “Trash the Dress” Session

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Browse some of the latest work and dive deeper into more intimate London weddings, relaxed and natural garden celebrations and sun-drenched engagement sessions across the country side. 

Doing a “Trash the Dress” Session or a “Couples Session” outside of the day you actually get married can be really useful. There’s less stress than a normal wedding, and we can plan the session around weather and light. There’s less concern about timeline or any smudges on your clothes.

Cem and Kathleen wanted to book a session announce their marriage. They were traveling through London and wanted to take the chance to have a take some photos to commemorate them getting married.

For their session, we started just after sunrise on Tower Bridge and then moved through some of my favourite spots in London. They were keen to have a few of the “big statement backgrounds” but also quaint London streets with a little bit of history.

I had a blast photographing this session and I really loved getting to know them both. They were such fantastic people and really interesting to chat with over our session.

“Kari absolutely blew past my expectations, the pictures she took of me and my wife are true treasures that we will be looking at for a life time. She was incredibly professional, efficient and great at keeping our spirits up for 4 straight hours! When I say that these are the best pictures of me and my wife I have ever seen, I truly mean it! Would recommend Kari in a heart beat, so very thankful we found her.” -Cem

Bride and Groom on London's Tower Bridge
Bride and Groom near London's Tower Bridge
Bride and Groom with London double decker bus
Bride and Groom in London
Bride and Groom with romantic street art