Nine Tips on How to Have the Epic “Sparkler Exit” Shot at Your Wedding

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I love photographing sparkler exits.  It’s much like the “confetti” shot coming out of the church.  It’s all your guests together in the evening, and sparklers are perfect for photos because they throw just enough light on everyones faces to be flattering and help them jump out of the picture.

So I wanted to put together some advice if you’re considering a sparkler exit like this one from Jaq and Marcus’s Wedding (shown below).

9 Things to Consider for Making The “Sparkler Exit” Shot Happen at Your Wedding: 

  1. Fireworks, any open flame and drunk guests can be a bad combination! Consider doing the sparkler shot earlier in the evening before things get too messy.  Guests need to be able to follow directions from the coordinator or venue staff, and if they are too drunk, they may not notice any directions.    It can be tempting to do this at the very end of your wedding, but if you think it’s possible that your friends will really tuck into the open bar, be safe and do it earlier.  Doing this photo earlier also means that your younger or older guests are more likely to participate as well.
  2. If the venue doesn’t have a designated coordinator to help, have a guest who that is likely to be sober at this point to help organise your guests so this part can go smoothly.  Even in the summer, it may feel chilly outside, so it’s nice to be as efficient as possible with a bit of coordination.
  3. You need a way to light a lot of sparklers all at once.  Perhaps have a lot of lighters available or tea light candles available.   Just one lighting method might mean that once everyone has their sparklers lit, the sparklers at the beginning are starting to die down.
  4. When purchasing sparklers, aim to get the longer life ones and ones that are the best quality possible.  Some things, especially fireworks, you don’t want to purchase at a discount.
  5. Walk slowly down the sparkler aisle,  there’s no need to run.  A slower pace will help your photographer nail the shot.
  6. Just like Huong and Richard in the photo below, have a couple of big kisses while walking down, it can look amazing!
  7. Hold a couple of sparklers yourselves to help put some nice light on your faces.
  8. If there’s time, and all the sparklers are still going, walk back up the aisle.  The more photos the better!
  9. Have a way for your guests of disposing of their sparklers once they are finished, a bucket of sand is generally the best option.  This way the sparklers don’t accidentally burn the grounds of the venue or catch anything else on fire.

how to photograph sparklers at weddings

Another option if you want something less formal than the “Sparkler Exit” photo is to just provide the sparklers to the guests to enjoy as “non-organised fun”.  These can also make really great candid shots and can also be a really romantic night time portrait of just the two of you.

Just a quick disclaimer: This post is for general guidance and advice.  Sparkers of course are a type of firework and you should always be extremely careful when using them.  Always follow the instructions that are provided with the sparklers and follow the rules of the venue that you’re in.  I take absolutely no responsibility for anything that may happen to you while using sparklers.  

  1. I love sparkler exits! But they can be tricky to coordinate the timing for photos, and these tips are all really helpful and smart!