Your Wedding Photography FAQ

Welcome to my Wedding Photograph FAQ’s.  I know there’s a bucket load of information below, and all of it may not apply to your wedding, however please do take a look at it, and save this link to refer back to.  If you have any questions, please do let me know!



Why should we do an engagement session?

Perhaps you and your fiancé have never been photographed professionally, or you may feel uncomfortable being photographed. You may not like the way you look in photos. This is all completely normal, but it’s why I like to meet you for an engagement photo session before the wedding. We have a chance to get to know each other, I can see how best to take photos of the two of you and you may find that you’ll relax ahead of your wedding day because you know me! You have a chance to see how I work, how I pose you for photos. You can feedback with what you do and don’t like, so you love your photos on your wedding day!

Engagement sessions usually last between 1.5-2 hours, whereas the photos I take of you two on your wedding day may only be for 15-20 minutes. Spending time together for your engagement session really helps in getting the most of the photos on your wedding day, leaving you to get back to the party!

What’s involved in an engagement session?

Engagement sessions can be a fun and relaxing time together. We’ll go out on the hunt for great backgrounds and beautiful light. There can be bit of walking, so bring comfortable shoes to change into, and some extra layers should the weather change!

When should we hold the engagement session?

It’s completely up to you! You just need to let me know what time of year you’d like to have your engagement session so I can send you a list of my available dates, then you can select one that works best for you both.

My busiest period is between April and October and so your engagement session will need to take place during the week between Monday-Thursday in the greater London area.

From October to March, I am considerably more flexible. I can travel, and you can have your engagement session on a weekend.


Emma is a science teacher and has a particular soft spot in her heart for the Natural History Museum.

Where should we do our engagement session?

There’s an incredible wealth of amazing locations throughout London. Is there somewhere that has special meaning to you as a couple or a part of town that you just love? I’m also happy to suggest a few places to add to the mix! If either of you think you might feel uncomfortable being somewhere public, I would suggest choosing a quieter location.

If you’d like to be photographed in a public park (particularly any of the Royal parks) we may require a photography permit. It’s also good to think about the weather and have a plan B if you don’t want to be photographed in the rain.


What can we do with our engagement pictures?

The photos I take are yours to do with as you choose. You may wish to have them printed for a special album to cherish, or you could use them in a guest book at your wedding reception. Some couples enjoy posting them on a wedding website where you can also share more information about the wedding. You can arrange a canvas-covered engagement signing book for £150 with me.



How do we book you?

Before you book, we can meet up in person or have a chat on Skype if that suits you better, to talk through your wedding in more detail and see how photography can fit into the day.

To secure your booking, I need a 30% deposit, a signed contract and a booking form.  All which can be done online.  

What if my wedding date changes?

Your deposit books your wedding in my calendar. Depending on how far in advance you change your date, I can just move the deposit across.

Do we need one photographer coverage or two? Who is the second photographer?

One photographer is perfect for small weddings (under 60 guests) or weddings where you would like a very discreet photographer presence.

Having two photographers shoot your wedding is ideal for weddings with over 60 guests, which include coverage of Partner B, and attendants getting ready before the wedding, your guests arriving at the church, and plenty of additional guest candid photos. By booking two photographers we will have greater room for creative freedom. Whilst one photographer can get the ‘safe’ shot, the other can get a more creative or unique angle.

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, I’m very happy to talk the options through with you and make a recommendation for what will work best at your wedding. You don’t have to make up your mind until about two months before your wedding.

The second photographer will always be an experienced wedding photographer who does high-quality work. I have a network of professional photographers whom I trust to do a fabulous job with me.

a wedding couple walking up marlyebone town hall and registry office to get married



What do we need to tell you before the wedding?

One month before your wedding, I will email you with a Pre-Wedding Questionnaire requesting:

  • Your family formal photography list
  • Your requested image list
  • Details of your wedding schedule
  • Verification of exact location addresses
  • Emergency contact information

When you complete it and return it to me, I’ll put together a photography plan.

If I notice any potential issues such as timings or anything else, I will be in touch.


Can we request a particular list of images ahead of the wedding?

If you have a specific photo in your head, or something you’ve come across in a magazine or Pinterest that you absolutely love, please let me know! I don’t want to copy another photographers work, but I am happy to use that as inspiration for your photos.You’ll have the opportunity to request images in the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire I’ll send you after booking.


What is your cancellation plan?

It’s one of my worst fears that something might happen where I wouldn’t be able to photograph your wedding or be able to communicate with you that something had happened. I don’t anticipate this ever being a problem, but I do make sure that no matter what, you are never let down.

I always touch base with my clients a couple days before their wedding to ensure that everything is still going as planned.

If you’re unable to contact me, and fear the worst has happened, I’ve arranged an emergency contact with :


  • Paul Bellamy (Kari’s husband) 07786 326974
  • Abigail Steed (another UK based wedding photographer) 07545 254454


They will make sure a trusted professional photographer is there for you on your wedding day.  



The Morning of your Wedding

I aim to arrive around 2 hours before you depart for your ceremony. I start with photographing your dress, shoes, flowers, and other details.

It is so helpful if someone is responsible for keeping the bridal preparations room clear of excess clutter as it creates a much more polished looking background in photographs.

If I happen to capture a picture of either of you that shows you in your underwear, these will have a special passcode on the online gallery to keep these photos private.

I will leave a few minutes early to be sure to be ahead of you arriving at the ceremony venue. If you’d like to have pictures of you and your family or wedding party before the ceremony, please be sure to give yourself extra time to get ready in your wedding day schedule. If you are running late on the morning of your wedding, I won’t stop you for additional pictures to ensure that you arrive on time for your wedding ceremony.

If you have booked two photographers, the second photographer will be with Partner B and attendants getting ready and will follow them to the pub if they have a drink. They will be at the ceremony venue early to photograph guests arriving. If you have booked one photographer, unfortunately it’s not logistically possible to photograph Partner B’s preparations unless they’re in the same venue. 

The Ceremony

During the ceremony, I have to abide by the rules set forth by the person officiating the ceremony. In some extreme cases, this includes not being able to take any photos during the ceremony. When you’re meeting with your officiant, please be sure to ask if they have any restrictions on photography.

If you have booked two photographers, the second photographer will be at the back of the church photographing down the centre aisle and sides, whilst I will stay at the front. My goal is to capture the ceremony discreetly, keeping the focus on the importance of the moment.

If you have any surprise elements to the ceremony, or you’re doing something that might differ from the traditional schedule, please let me know so I can make sure I’m at the right place and time to capture this perfectly.


The Vicar from Pawda and Adian’s wedding was particular that I could only stand in one particular spot throughout the course of the wedding. I was still able to get a lot of shots that worked quite well, but I did have to work within the restriction that was in place.

Family Photos

Family pictures can be incredibly important photos to have for you as a couple starting a new chapter in your family history. I’ve met many couples who dread the idea of spending time in a family line up, but with a little bit of planning and organisation, we can get these photos checked off the list quickly. My goal is to have these photos taken care of in about 10-15 minutes.

In my experience, it’s often easiest to take these about 20-30 minutes into the drinks reception, after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast.

It works best to go from the largest group to the smallest group. I’ve found this order to be the absolute fastest combination for family photos.

Standard Family Photo Order

Partner A’s Side of the Family:

  • Partner A & all family
  • Partner A, Partner B, parents, siblings and grandparents
  • Partner A with grandparents
  • Partner A with parents
  • Partner A with siblings

Partner B’s Side of the Family:

  • Partner B & all family
  • Partner B, Partner A, parents, siblings & grandparents
  • Partner B with grandparents
  • Partner B with parents
  • Partner B with siblings

Please let me know on the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire if you’d like me to add more groups to this order. The more elaborate group combinations, the more time we need to assign to these photographs.

It’s helpful to have a person designated to help me gather together all the family members quickly. It works best if the designated person is familiar with all the family members from each side.

If you’d like to have pictures with a specific friend, these can be easily done during the drinks reception.

After I’ve captured the family photos, we’ll take photos of you and your wedding party, before stealing you away for your wedding portraits.

Can we have a photo of us and all our wedding guests together?

I’d be delighted to take this photo for you, but please note that as it requires time to plan and organise I will only take it if you request it on the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire. We can discuss in advance where and when this shot will work best in your schedule. You may need to budget about 10-15 minutes of your wedding day to completing this shot.

What about difficult family members and sensitive situations?

I’ve seen the full range of family dynamics in the course of photographing weddings, so I am well versed in managing dynamic personalities where perhaps a family member needs a bit more attention to keep them happy. If there’s a tense family situation, we can structure the family photographs in such a way so as to avoid two people being near each other. Nothing is too much of a problem, just let me know and I’m happy to help.

Wedding Portraits

I’ll aim to steal you away from the party for pictures at small 5-10 minute portions of the day so you’re not separated from your wedding for too long. As the light changes throughout the day, a photo opportunity might present itself that wasn’t there before such as beautiful light or the sunset, so I’d like to whisk you away for a few minutes to take advantage of that.

If your wedding is at a different venue than your reception, we can dip back into the ceremony venue and do a quick 5 minutes of pictures after the ceremony with the venue empty to get some romantic shots with the architecture of your venue.

This is the chance to really get creative with your wedding images, so please let me know if you have any ideas of locations, props or other inspirations. Don’t be afraid to share with me pictures that you feel drawn to.

Speeches & Wedding Breakfast

It’s not in my contract that you have to provide a meal, but I would love to know if you can’t feed me as I will bring my own food. Many caterers do include supplier meals as part of their packages.

Whilst you and your guests are eating, I’ll take a break and eat as well. I don’t need a space on your table plan unless you are having speeches between your courses. In many cases, the space allocated for me to eat is outside of the wedding breakfast room. If you’d prefer me to not leave the room and not miss anything, then please allocate me a space at a guest table.

I will photograph speeches as they happen, and I love using this time to grab candid shots of your guests laughing and smiling at the speeches.

Can you go around to each table and take formal group shots of guests?

Throughout the day, I’m taking candid shots of your guests having a good time and interacting with each other. My photography is unobtrusive and comfortable to your guests, so I do not do formal shots of guests as a standard part of my process. I’m happy to take more posed shots of your guests if requested. They are easier to take during the drinks reception while guests are standing rather than going around to each table.

Do you photograph the dancing and the rest of the evening?

Please let me know on the Pre-Wedding Questionnaire about any surprises or extra events you have planned for your reception period so I can be sure they are captured perfectly.

I like to tell the whole story of your wedding day, so I will be there to photograph your first dance, your cake cutting and bouquet toss. I aim to capture around one hour of guests dancing as well. Every wedding has a different guest dynamic, so the amount of dancing there is to cover can vary.  

I love taking night portraits, so if you’re game, I’d love to take you outside for a few minutes to take some interesting night time shots.

Before I leave, I’ll always stop and have a chat with you and make sure that we’re all sure everything has been covered.


Elen, the bride, spent hours the day before her wedding hanging the lights in this beautiful tree. It looked so magical after the sun went down that it was well worth the effort to steal them for pictures again to get this shot.


I aim to email you a sneak peek of your photos within a few days of your wedding and the full set of wedding images will be ready within 2-4 weeks of your wedding. These are uploaded to an online password protected proofing gallery for you to view and share with whomever you like.

If you’d like to make any changes to the images, you can let me know via the comment option in the proofing gallery. This allows me to know exactly which photo you’re referring to. For example, if you’d like a black and white copy of a photo, you can leave a comment on that photo.

If you request any image changes, these will be uploaded to the gallery for you to view. The turnaround time for image changes can be from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the time of year.

How do I download the images?

Your high-resolution images are available to download straight from the gallery. When viewing images on the proofing gallery, the images are scaled down to make them optimal for viewing online. The actual files are larger and higher quality.

Can I have images on a USB stick?

If you’d like to have a copy of the images on a keepsake USB, this is available as an option extra.  The images downloaded from the gallery will be the same as on the USB.  

Can I share the high-res photos with family and friends?

The print release only extends to you and your immediate family. I offer an affordable download option in the proofing gallery for your extended family and friends (from £1 per image).

Is it possible to have our wedding photos retouched?

If there is something in your photos that you don’t like, it can potentially be removed in Photoshop. There is an extra charge for this service of approximately £10-20 per image.

Can I print my images?

Yes, please do.  I provide a print release that gives you the right to print images for your personal use. Of course I can’t promise the print quality of third party photo printers ordered outside the viewing gallery.  To print your photos in an album, please see “Your Wedding Album” below.



I can handle all submissions to blogs and magazines. I have an established working relationship with many wedding bloggers and I frequently submit weddings to them. Please let me know if there’s a blog or magazine that was a big source of inspiration during your planning, and I’m happy to send it there first.

Once your wedding is accepted to be featured, there will be another questionnaire for you to fill out from the blogger. This is the information they use for writing the feature. Once they have all the information, the turnaround can be anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months depending on the blog. Magazine features can take from 4-6 months to be published.



Once you’ve had a chance to look through your image gallery, I will send you an album order form so we can start the album design process. We start with selecting at least 80 images to send to the graphic designer for the layout process.  You can view the order form for albums here.  


If you have any other questions that aren’t covered in this pack, please do let me know.   I can’t wait to photograph your wedding!


Kari x