A Tower Bridge and Saint Pauls Sunrise Engagement Session {Danielle & Micheal}

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Danielle and Micheal had spent a few years living in London and taking the chance really get to know the city and to travel around Europe. They now were planning on moving back to Canada, having packed up their life in London and found jobs back again back home.   They wanted to have a little momento of their life of London, and having a pre-wedding photoshoot was the perfect way to remember looking back at their time in the city, and have something to display back at their Canadian wedding and home that represented their time here.

We started off at Tower Bridge right after sunrise.  Even though it was a little bit cloudy, we still had perfectly empty streets to use as a backdrop for their engagement shoot. After we did a quick session at Tower Bridge, we popped into a black cab to head straight to the area around Saint Pauls to get a change of background.

I really loved shooting this session, not only were Danielle and Micheal fantastic to get to know, but they gave me a bit of a mini-challenge.  There was quite a height difference between Danielle and Micheal.  It was a great little exercise in finding different ways to bring them up to the same level for the photos.


“Hi Kari! 

Thank you so much for the photos and for all your hard work.  We absolutely love them and can’t stop looking at them!! We’re really glad we found such a great photographer to shoot our engagement session :)
Danielle and Mike”