Love is Stronger Than Lockdown: Kathleen and Andrew’s Last Minute Church Wedding

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Kathleen and Andrew had planned their dream wedding in April, with hopes of beautiful spring weather, all of their friends and family and an epic party to finish off the day.  Then the national lockdown happened, so they rearranged to late November, surely things would be better by then?  Then as the summer progressed, they trimmed down their guest list and moved to a smaller venue, surely their wedding could still go ahead with fewer guests?

Then the second national lockdown hit and once again a ban on weddings, and Kathleen and Andrew were forced to have to rearrange again.  Instead of putting their wedding off again for months and worrying that once again it may or may not happen, they decided to rearrange everything in two days so they could be married before lockdown.

One thing that’s been amazing to witness this year is seeing so many wedding vendors go out of their way to make sure they could still be there for their clients. And that was still the case with Kathleen and Andrew’s wedding even with such short notice.  They were still able to have hair and makeup, and an incredible car and flowers.  Their neighbour baked them a cake with just a days notice and even the bell ringers turned up to the church.

Even though Kathleen and Andrew could only have their immediate family at the wedding ceremony, the ceremony itself since felt full of cheer as they were finally able to get married after so many months of uncertainty.

Even though I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, I’ve never shot one quite like this one.  It was an emotional ceremony, and I loved the vicars final thought from her wedding sermon: “Love is stronger than lockdown”.