Sarah and Kenton’s London Engagement Photo Session

Sarah and Kenton love to travel. They’ll keep an eye out for good deals on plane tickets then just fly to a new city or a favourite place just for the weekend. Just a few weeks ago, they jumped on a plane to London for the weekend, for the sole purpose of finding Kenton’s wedding suit, seeing some friends and their engagement photo session.

I met up with Sarah and Kenton close to Tower Bridge, and from there we headed along the river, up past Borough Market and Millennium Bridge, to the London Eye and then to the park next to the Houses of Parliament for a Picnic.  I love that meeting new people, showing them some of my favourite spots in London and taking their photos is my job.

Sarah and Kenton are getting married in New York soon, and just from talking to them for a few hours, I can just tell their wedding is going to be amazing.  Congratulations on your engagement and your wedding, here’s to the rest of their lives is going to be filled with impromptu trips around the world!

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