Richard and Huong’s Hever Castle Engagement Session




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When I have clients that are quite interested in photography, it’s quite flattering.  But when you have a client that is a fellow wedding photographer, it’s incredibly flattering.  Richard is a quite a talented wedding photographer, so it’s quite an honour to be asked to photograph his own wedding.  No pressure there!

Richard and Huong are getting married this summer at Hever Castle.   Hever Castle is such a special place for them that they opted to do their engagement session at there as well. Huong and Richard are such lovely and relaxed people, and the engagement session was so nice and relaxing as we strolled around the grounds and gardens of the castle.  It was exactly the way I love to spend a morning!

I’m very excited about their wedding this summer.  They have some amazing plans and it’s such an honour to be tasked with photographing their day.

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