Bushy Park and Teddington Cricket Club Wedding {Amelia & Josh}

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This wedding was definitely one of a kind.  From a sunny outdoor ceremony, a sequin dress, and a lot of drunken mayhem, it was so much fun to photograph.  

Amelia and Josh really loved London’s Bushy Park, which sits right next to the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. They wanted their wedding day to feature the beautiful late summer fields and views of over the park, and so they were lucky enough to find the Teddington Cricket Club, which sat just inside Bushy Park and but still gave them loads of private open space.  It felt like we were in the middle of the country, not still inside London!  

The first kiss shot from this wedding has to be one of my favourite first kiss shots ever.  During the ceremony, their little son couldn’t bare to be away from them, so he ended up at their feet as they said their vows to each other.   When it came to their first kiss, he was still at their feet! 

Later in the day, we were treated to the most fantastic sunset.  So we went for a quick walk to take advantage of the magical light.  Amelia’s sequin dress just glimmered in the sun!  Afterwards, the party got a little crazy, and some of the cricket equipment made it’s way to the dance floor and even the bride and groom taking the stage as apart of the wedding band.  

Amelia and Josh- Thank you so much for having me photograph your amazing wedding! I know you really wanted your wedding photography to feel as natural and relaxed as possible, and I really think it was exactly that.  I really felt a part of the wedding, and I really had an amazing time with all your family and friends.  I’m so glad you love your images, and I loved being apart of it all!