Bespoke Wedding Albums

My grandparents had this beautiful wooden cabinet, and inside was an array of old photo albums.  Black paper, with the images attached to the pages.  My grandparents are sadly no longer here, but that cabinet full of their old photos still exist.  When I visit my parents, I love opening up the cabinet and seeing what their life was like.  There’s something beautiful and timeless about a photo album.  The moments inside are meant to be saved and treasured for years to come.  

No matter what you decide to do, print your photos out, keep them safe, so they can be treasured for years to come! Please don’t just keep your photos on a hard drive! 

Two Types of Albums

artbook and matted wedding albums

I offer two types of albums.  Artbook Albums have the images printed directly on to the pages, where the Matted Album is a bit more traditional and have prints matted between each spread.  Artbook albums have more flexible designs, where matted albums are thicker and have a more luxurious and heavy feel.   

In the photo above, the Artbook Album at the the top has about 40% more images then the Matted Album at the bottom.  

Both types of albums are handmade and custom designed.  Both are printed on archival papers that are designed to last.  Most importantly, both albums types are have a beautiful feel that lets you know there’s something special inside before you even open the cover.  

How to Choose Your Wedding Album from Kari Bellamy on Vimeo.

Handmade Artbook Albums

These are the most popular option for wedding album orders. Artbooks are custom designed layouts with images printed directly on a museum grade paper.  The inks are rated not to fade or shift colour for many decades. The style of these books allow for more flexible designs and big statement spreads.

Your Artbook album includes: 

  • Completely custom layout and design (3 rounds of custom design included in the price)
  • A bespoke handmade album with your choice of real leather or linen covers. To see more detail on Artbook album covers click here.
  • Up to two lines of text on the cover your album
  • At least 80 of your favourite images from your wedding (and expandable to 240 more images, depending on the book size).
  • Flexible designs, including full width images across two pages and custom layouts.
  • 240 GSM Paper
  • A linen box and canvas cover bag
  • All Shipping Costs
  • No additional VAT charges (Photo albums are VAT exempt)

Artbook Album Christmas Special

Order by the 1st of November and take advantage of this Christmas Bundle 

  • One 10×10 Main Artbook Album with up to 100 images (for you!) £630 Value if ordered on it’s own
  • Two 8×8 Duplications of the main album (to give as gifts!) £425 each if ordered on their own
  • A £50 voucher for prints from your proofing gallery to print off your favourite images from your wedding

£1,530 if ordered separated, Christmas Bundle Price of £1,225

Luxury Matted Albums

  • 3 Rounds of graphic design
  • A bespoke handmade album with your choice of real leather or linen covers
  • 80 images from your wedding day (and expandable to up to 120 images)
  • Canvas cover bag
  • All shipping costs
  • No additional VAT charges (photo albums are exempt)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have our album in time for Christmas?  

Yes! The album needs to be ordered by the 1st of November, and then we will quickly need to go through the design process to make sure it’s shipped in time for christmas.  The pages of the album need a few weeks to dry before they can be bound.   

How do duplicates work? 

There’s a 30% discount for duplicate albums ordered.  The duplicate albums need to be the exact same layout and design as the main album.  It also needs to have the same cover type and text.  

What is the most popular option? 

Most clients opt for an Artbook Album with a leather cover.  A 10×10 Artbook Album is a great balance of price, size, and flexibly of design.  

What if we pick a different number of images that what is on the order form?

In order to keep the order form simple, I’ve grouped the album sizes in “up to x number of images”. If you’ find that you’re not able to narrow down your image selection or have chosen a number over what you see in the option box, let me know. I’ll work up a custom price based on exactly the number of images you’re looking to include.

Can we see samples? 

Yes of course! You’re welcome to come by my home in North East London and see my whole stack of sample albums and cover swatches. Or if you’d like to meet up in central London for a pint I can bring one of them with me to show you.    

How do we select which photos go into our album? 

Every single image in the album is selected by you.  The easiest way to do this is creating a favourites list in your online gallery.  Alternatively you can create an image folder yourself and send it to me on dropbox.  Whatever works easiest for you! 

Do we get a say in our album design? 

I’ll do the first round of design based on the the order of the day and in a way that makes sense to the “story of your wedding day”.  The design will then be available in a online proofing gallery where you can make comments on the layout.  

What happens when an image goes over the centre fold? 

Artbook albums have the flexibility for the images to go over the centre fold of the album.  This allows for the albums to have more flexible designs and also “big statement spreads” of your favourite images.  The albums are designed so that the centre fold disappears away when the book lies flat.  Also, during the design process we’ll make sure that the centre fold doesn’t cut off any important bits.   

A close up look at the centre fold crease.

What does the Embossing look like? 

Embossing is a process of stamping the fabric or leather with letter blocks at high tempreatures. 

For the Artbook Albums, it’s made with a sans serif font at 1cm high.  It’s available in plain, which shows the natural colour of the fabric or leather or in a gold or silver. Embossing is the most flexible of the personalisation options, and looks great on linen and leather.

What does overprint look like?

Overprinting is the process of bonding a special foil to linen. It’s similar to embossing but it doesn’t dent the cover fabric and and is flat to to the touch. This is available as well with custom graphics (such as your wedding logo) and special fonts. This is available in white, black, gold and silver.

Overprints are only available on Linen overs. Leather covers are too easily damaged from heat during the printing process.