Bespoke Wedding Albums

My grandparents had this beautiful wooden cabinet tucked away in their living room.  Inside was an array of old photo albums, with black paper and foil corners, with old black and white images attached to the pages.  My grandparents are sadly no longer here, but that cabinet full of their old photos still exist.  When I visit my parents, I love opening that same cabinet and seeing what their life was like.  There's something beautiful and timeless about a photo album and the moments inside are meant to be saved and treasured for years to come.  

No matter what you decide to do, print your photos out, keep them safe, so they can be treasured for years to come! 

Two Types of Albums

I offer two different types of wedding albums.  

Artbook Albums have the images printed directly on to the pages, and because of this type of printing the layouts are super flexible and also hold more images overall.  Even with this flexibility, pages are very thick and have a very luxurious feel.

Matted Albums is a bit more like a traditional album and have the prints matted on each spread.  These albums have super thick pages and a very luxurious and heavy feel.  

Both types of albums come with a wide selection of leather and linen covers.  Both are handmade and custom-designed for your wedding and printed on archival paper that is designed to last.  Most importantly both album types have a beautiful feel that lets you know there's something special inside before you even open the cover.  

Handmade Artbook Albums

These are the most popular option for wedding album orders.   The style of Artbook Albums allow for more flexible designs and big statement spreads. You're able to fit more images in a page and more pages in a book.  

The images are printed directly onto the page.  These inks are rated to not fade or shift colour for many decades. 

Your Artbook Album includes: 

  • Completely custom layout and design, with 3 rounds of revision included in the price. 

  • A bespoke handmade album with your choice of real leather, linen, or velvet covers.  

  • Up to two lines of text on the cover of your album. 

  • At least 80 of your favourite images from your wedding (and expanded to 240 more images, depending on the book size).  

  • Flexible designs, including full-width images across two pages.  

  • Super thick, 240 GSM archival paper 

  • A linen box and canvas cover bag 

  • All shipping Costs 

  • No additional VAT charges (Your photo album is VAT exempt) 

For more details regarding your customisation options and pricing, click here to visit the Artbook Album order form page here