It’s an honour and a privilege to be a part of such an important day in the lives of my clients.  I take client satisfaction very seriously and I wear every positive review as a badge of honour.  I want you to look back at your wedding photos and not only have a happy memory of the day, but a positive memory of the person who took the photos as well.  


kari-bellamy-photography_0158.jpg“Kaaaaaaariiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         Just wow. Thank you so, so much. They are beautiful- beyond beautiful! You and your assistant really captured the day and somehow made it look even more magical!  I will write a more coherent email later but I just couldn’t wait to tell you how much we love EVERY SINGLE PHOTO!!!!”

“Everyone we’ve showed the photos to has just been bowled over by how stunning they are. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done.  Thank you so, so much! ” – Emily and Thomas



“Dear Kari,

I bought cute thank you notes to send to all our wedding suppliers but I’m afraid we cold just not fit everything we wanted to say to you on one card.   It’s hard to know where to start when saying thank you to you because not only did you capture our wedding in the most spectacular way, but you leant a hand with button holes, getting people organised, running back and forth and just generally providing an amazing presence.

On the day- As soon as you arrived you whizzed into action, finding unique places to photograph wedding accessories, capturing us getting ready and helping out with button holes.  You are a complete professional and so good at what you do, but you became like another good friend rather than just being there to take our photo.  You added to our experience and became a huge part of our day with your personality and sense of humour.

The photos- Well what can we say? They are so beautiful and exactly what we wanted when we set out to find a photographer.  I literally look at them every day, spending ages scanning through them all, reliving the day all over again.  We have had so many comments on them, everyone complimenting them and saying good you are.  We particularly love the ones of us outside, and the ones of Emmie who stole the show and you have just captured her personality in every shot.  Now I just can’t wait to get some up on the wall.  The only down side is Ben will now have to deal with my photo frame obsession while I add to the collection!

To say you were our best wedding purchase doesn’t do you justice, because you didn’t just provide us with fantastic memories of our, but helped make it so special by being who you are.  We are so grateful to have these special photos of our wedding day and can’t thank you enough for everything.

We hope you enjoyed spending our day with us; we will definitely keep in touch and, as we’ve said before, if you’re ever our way then please stop by for a cup a of tea.  Thank you once again, Kari.

All our love- Vanessa and Ben “The Browns”



“Wow! I have done no work this afternoon as I have been staring at the beautiful blog photos all afternoon!! I just love them. You’ve captured our day perfectly…. Thanks so much again Kari-you were born to be a photographer. Just stunning. ” -Charlotte and Neil


“THANK YOU for everything last Saturday. The first batch of pictures that you sent through are beautiful and I can’t wait to see the rest. My sister said unprompted that you are the best wedding photographer she’s ever seen. But beyond your beautiful work, thank you for your calm and professionalism.  As a bit of a control freak, I was constantly looking around to see what should be photographed. You were always five steps ahead of me and every time I looked around it was like there were ten of you! You never missed a moment, and used every second efficiently.  You’re also a true joy to be around. I don’t think my getting ready session would have been nearly as fun without you.  And when I started to get a bit flustered about how to navigate seeing every single one of my guests, you calmed me down in minutes and got me in the right mood to enjoy my day…” -Amy & Oliver


“Thank you so much for our wonderful wedding photos! We have so much to thank you for, where to start…  Thank you being such a happy, bubbly and caring person, right from the first time we met you.  You have such a good personality for helping nervous newlyweds through the event! … Professionally you have done a superb job and your skills with a camera shine through your work!… Much Love, Marcus & Isla”



“I also just want to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all of the photos. We’re really happy with them (once you get used to looking at endless photos of yourself!) and they’re such a lovely lasting memory of the day. We really enjoyed working with you in the run up to the day and were so impressed with how you managed to be everywhere all at once yet also completely invisible! You did wonderfully at humouring endless photo requests and never took Steve and I away from the party for too long.”  -Sarah and Steve



“Oh wow!  These are amazing, thank you so much.  We are totally bowled over by how stunning the photos are, while still feeling ‘natural’ to us and how we experienced the day.  I particularly love the ones you’ve got of me and my Dad, and the shot of Henryk and David giving the Mini some love and care. And then the sunset shots – they’re incredible! Actually, I think we love all of the shots you’ve sent through so far… It was such a pleasure having you there to photograph our special day.  Thank you for being everything you’d said you would be, and much more. You were so right that we wouldn’t notice the camera on the day itself!”  -Kate and Keith



“Dear Kari, There are no words to sum up our dearest thanks for all your help on our wedding day! The photos blew us away and they will be having a price of place all over over our! It was a real pleasure working with you! Lots of Love and hugs- Mel and Alex xxx”


“Thank you so, so much for the beautiful photographs. They are quite literally everything I dreamed of and more… I wanted “big” (read: iconic) photos but a small ceremony… Your gallery immediately stood out to me. I loved all of the colour, the artistry, and the occasional goofy pictures thrown in. When I emailed you to communicate my interest and told you that I wanted pictures in front of all of the landmarks that scream London (did I mention I have an obsession with London? haha), you replied with a similarly themed shoot you had done. And that sealed the decision for me! Your photo galleries have the perfect mix of serious, playful, artistic, and elegance.


I knew going into our photoshoot that we would have great pictures based on your previous work, but what I did not know or fully appreciate was the work and dedication you put into getting the photos! Sometimes the more interesting photograph is what’s happening on the other side of the people or scene being captured, and a perfect example of that is my mental image of you laying stomach down in a mix of rain, dirt, and likely other worse things, to get the perfect shot of us in front of Big Ben. So, thank you, too, for your commitment to getting the best angle!


Lastly, I have to thank you for your personality! You are so calm, organised, entertaining, fearless (running into traffic for another one of my favourite photos you took!), and accommodating…The pictures are phenomenal and surpassed all of my expectations. My obsession with your city has grown and I will always treasure your perfect capturing of our memories from that day.  Thank you so very much, Kari.


With much admiration and gratitude,
Catherine and Michael”


kari-bellamy-photography_0151.jpg“On a miserable Wednesday in March, I can spend 4 minutes watching the montage of our wedding photos you put together – and immediately, everything is better, and I’m taken right back to that perfect day. Thank you so much for capturing it so well.  What you’ve given us is genuinely priceless.  :)”  -Dimuthu and Emma


London Wedding Photographer

“A few days ago we looked back at our weddings photos (we hadn’t done it in a while) and we were blown away by how great they were. We’ve been to a few weddings since ours and saw the work of other photographers and you seriously blew them all out of the water both with the quality of the photographs/compositions/etc but also with how unobtrusive and discrete you were on our wedding day.

We just felt a bit compelled to send out an appreciation email because you captured our memorable day perfectly!”


tythe barn wedding (1 of 1)

“Thank you so much for our amazing wedding photos! Myself and Nick have just spent the evening looking at them all and it’s felt like we have relived our wedding day all over again. We really love them! You really integrated yourself into the wedding and captured every moment. The ones of me and Nick alone later in the evening… I love! They are so romantic, we will treasure those forever.

Gushing now over, but thank you again to you and your assistant for all your hard work at capturing those moments… ” Kristi and Nick



“Thanks again for everything from the day, really was perfect and you were a massive part of that. -All the best, Emily & Ali”



Hi Kari! The photos are absolutely stunning! We love them! Thank you so much… such a HUGE thank you to both you and your assistant for being so amazing! You were both so helpful and so much fun. You really put us both at ease and we had the most fantastic time with you guys – you’re the best! – John and Emily”



“Kari – Stew and I are sitting in a fancy lounge about to jet off for our honeymoon and we cannot stop talking about how incredible you were on Sat. Your choice of 2nd photographer was also inspired and we are so excited to see the final edits. …  from the bottom of our hearts, we sincerely thank you.  All our love,  Dan & The Stew xx ”



“Thank you so much Kari! We absolutely love all the photos. You are incredible at what you do, we can’t thank you enough for documenting our day so brilliantly! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Hanna & Rob xx “


“These photos are incredible, you have managed to capture some really intimate moments and so much joy. It is so lovely to go through these photos and see how much everyone was enjoying themselves.  We loved having you guys there on the day, lots of our friends have commented on how fun and professional you were. We couldn’t recommend you more highly and will continue to do so!  You really are amazing at what you do so once again THANK YOU ” -Katie and James


“Kari you are just simply amazing!!!… We couldn’t of asked for a more perfect photographer. Thank you so much x ”  -Lauren and Steve


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“We just wanted to say a quick thank you for capturing every moment and every emotion so beautifully on our wedding day.  We absolutely adore all the pictures and are so lucky to have found you! You made everything from the pre-wedding info, to the engagement shoot, to the day, so easy and so much fun.  We feel so privileged to have such gorgeous images of our most favourite day ever!! Thank you, thank you and thank you again…. Much love and the very best wishes- The Hofferers xxx”


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“I got pretty drunk by the end of the evening, but her beautiful work means the memories will live on forever! If you’re planning a wedding, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough!”

“[Kari] was amazing. So friendly, professional and such an amazing style. I’m so happy that we booked her. Definitely the best money spent in our budget. Our only problem now is getting 595 photos down to one albums worth! ”

-Claire and James


“Hi Kari

We just wanted to email you to say we LOVE our photos!! They are spectacular.  We never doubted for a moment that the pictures would be brilliant and we absolutely adore them and work you’ve put into them. You totally understood the style of picture we were after.
Right from the get go, you and your lovely assistant were on it, zooming around taking pictures of the venue, finding the best angles, as well as places to photo the accessories.  Throughout the day you never missed a moment and you were so friendly and easy going you put all our guests at ease, to the point that our guests told us they didn’t even realise you were taking their photos -you were like a ninja.
Myself and Dave aren’t always comfortable in front of the camera but you were so lovely and fun to work with that we were able to relax on the big day. We were so impressed by how hard-working you were and how you captured our day with such professionalism.  We’re so lucky to of found you! All we now have to decide on is what photos we’re gonna put up around the house.
Thank you so much for doing such am amazing job.
Marie and David”

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“Dear Kari, We just wanted to drop you a little card (with a very familiar front cover?!) to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work from the word go, and the for the exceptional photographs that you have captured on our engagement shoot and on the big day itself.  I’ve had so many compliments about how hard you worked on the day and the mantlepiece stunners that you created for us.  They capture the essence of it all.  We will be happily looking at them for the rest of our lives!! Thank you again, and all the very best, Hannah and Simon x.”


kari-bellamy-photography_0123.jpg” Kari!   WOW. What can I say? You have achieved exactly what we wanted – informal, artistic pictures nailing the spirit of the very happy, relaxed affair we had planned in our minds for so long! Not a stiff line-up in sight. We can’t thank you enough for capturing our wedding so cleverly and unobtrusively. Really think our personalities shine through in the pictures and the magic of the wedding is plain to see.   Thank you Kari!  From two very happy clients. ” – Helen and Simon


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“Hi Kari- We’re back from our honeymoon! The photos are absolutely brilliant – thank you! I posted your blog on to facebook and everyone’s comments are very complimentary, thanks to your wonderful photography of the day. You really captured the spirit of the day …Love Jess & Will x”



“What can I say.  You were amazing.  I have told everyone who has asked and some who haven’t how incredible you are.  It must be a difficult job being a wedding photographer but you made everything so easy and produced incredible results...  Thank you so much- Bruce”

“Dear Kari, We couldn’t have hoped for better wedding photographs.  Thank you so much!  They are delightful.  We will always cherish them.  You were so great with our friends and family.  They all spoke highly of you (as we knew they would).  You were so kind, professional and patient. I’m so glad we had you with us on the day.  Here’s to much success and happiness in your career.  You deserve it.  Best Wishes, Claudia”



“We’d like to thank you once again, it’s been such a pleasure having you as our photographer! We are absolutely ecstatic with your service!! “-Maria and Chris


matara-wedding-in-the-cotswolds-40-of-62.jpg“Thank you so much for capturing the most special memories with the most stunning photos- Love Tania and Zsolt”  




“Kari- We are just completely blown away by these.  The adjectives have not yet been invented to fully convey how thrilled we are.  These photos are the most incredible gift and I hope you realise how much your talent is appreciated.  We had the most perfect, magical day.  Your photos capture and enhance how it exists in our memory.  Thank you.  Very best wishes and all our love- Giles & Abi”