Rebecca and Chris’s Very Rainy, Yorkshire Engagement Session

Rebecca and Chris wanted to do their engagement session at a specific waterfall near Malham, Yorkshire.  It was at this waterfall that Chris realised he was in love with Rebecca, and it was at this waterfall that he proposed to her.

Being as I’m London based, we planned to do their engagement session when I would be in the area.  That specific day just so happened to be in the middle of days of torrential rain and horrible flooding.  I wish I took a photo of me fording my tiny little London car across the rivers flooding the Yorkshire roads (but my hands were gripped the wheel, a bit scared I was going to flood my car!)  I was worried that Rebecca and Chris would want to cancel their session.  But they braved the weather as well in order to make it work.

It’s by far the rainiest engagement session I’ve ever experienced by a long shot.

By the end of the shot, all of us were completely soaked, from hair down to socks.   But there was something so beautiful and refreshing being out in the rain in the waterfalls and the stunning Yorkshire Countryside.  And I know if Rebecca and Chris can make it through this torrential rain still smiling and happy, they won’t have any problems in marriage what-so-ever.

yorkshire engagement session_0003.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0001.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0004.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0005.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0006.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0007.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0008.jpg
yorkshire engagement session_0009.jpg


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