Out With the Old, In With the New… WEBSITE!

I feel like it’s Christmas Morning.  But instead of presents, I get a new website!

Putting together a new website was a bit weird, partly because I truly loved my last website.  However, it had some technical issues that made it difficult for displaying on tablets and phones.   Initially I planned to keep all of the graphic elements the same, however I slowly found things I wanted to update, I decided to move the site forward, the previous graphic design round was done in 2012, so it was probably overdue for an update.

If you’re new to the site, this is what my previous website looked like:

watercolour websiteI worked with the same graphic designer again, the lovely and talented Claire from Foxtail Design Co .  Once again, she did a brilliant job of taking a few of my design ideas and really coming up with a cohesive website that I love and I would of never thought of myself.

We kept a few of the watercolour elements in, which you can see on the front page grid and the website header.  We then moved the graphic elements forward with graphics that resembled my love of architectural with a bit of art deco flair.  I love her choice of colours as well, I think they really compliment my work.

There are still some little niggly bits on the website that I’m still working out, so sorry if you run into things that don’t quite look right- sorry about that!

It’s so exciting to see it all come together after several months of work!




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