2015 Regional Finalist for the UK Wedding Industry Awards

2015 wedding awards finialist

While it can be disappointing not to win the award for “Best UK Wedding Photographer”, I couldn’t be happier to lose to Andy Gaines.  Andy does great work and is amazing person.  So if I’m going to lose, I don’t mind losing to Andy.   After the competition is over, the Judges allow you to see the feedback left for you by your clients.  Even though I can’t see which of my lovely clients left which comment, but I am really touched by the kind words left for me.

It was such an honour photographing each one of my 2014 weddings, I really had an amazing time.  Thank you so much to my wonderful clients for taking the time to right such kind words and vote for me.   

General Comments (in random order)

Kari struck the perfect balance between fading into the background and firmly but politely organising the tricky family groupings. We were also quite insistent that we wanted a more reportage style for our photos, and she certainly delivered, capturing some fantastic moments from our day that looked completely natural. She also happily responded to guest requests for shots. We also really appreciated the pre-wedding shoot, it was a ton of fun messing around on the South Bank in the sun.

Kari was supremely friendly and professional throughout. She helped us to think through what we wanted, gave really helpful advice on what would and wouldn’t work, and went out of her way to visit our venue and liaise with the staff there. On the day, she was totally unobtrusive but still managed to get amazing photos. She made being photographed feel relaxed and fun, and fitted in so well with our guests that people have asked after her! Our finished shots are incredible and worth every penny.

Kari is a fantastic photographer. She has great attention to detail and is great at getting what she needs from you for amazing photographs. I wish we have booked the second photographer package so we had more of the ushers and grooms family. Kari has original ideas and will give you a set of unique wedding photos.

Your wedding photographer is normally one of your bigger ticket items and also one of the only things that lasts beyond the day. Therefore it was so important to us that we chose the right one. I was so excited to receive the photos from our wedding in June from Kari and they were everything that I had hoped for. I really feel they capture the essence of the day and are a beautiful reminder of the happiest day of my life. Thank you Kari!

Kari was just so much fun to work with from start to finish. She became a friend more than a supplier. We had the best day with her and her colleague and were so impressed with the outstanding results.

Amazing artist. Best pics of all my friends who got married. Outstanding! Punctual, professional, discreet and delivered photos real quick. so glad we chose her. She’s for me the best I’ve seen and deserves recognition for her outstanding work. I also follow her on Facebook and the pictures from other weddings are breathtaking. We love looking at them with my colleagues at lunch! Kari is a true and genuine artist who deserves to win.

Kari made the experience fun & personal. Kari embraced us, our culture and our family. She blended in with the guests, whilst subtly observing all around her in order to capture as many photo opportunities as she could. Just like Kari, every photograph she presented us with reflected her positivity, honesty & stylish eye.

Kari went above and beyond on our wedding day – staying 14 hours(longer than contracted to) – and we have so many (over 700!) amazing shots of the day – from elegantly composed photos of us and the wedding party, to beautifully captured fleeting moments of emotion (hugs, tears, laughter) to great action/dancing shots. Kari did a great job of getting the ‘arranged’ photos done in an efficient way without being bossy and also seemed to advise the less experienced videographer of what to do next.

Kari Bellamy was a pleasure to work with. She made the entire process easy and enjoyable, and had a wonderful eye for composition and a the strength to improvise in the moment.

We were very pleased with the whole experience of working with Kari. Myself and my partner were nervous about being photographed but she made us feel so relaxed. The photos that she took are so beautiful. It has given us a lifelong beautiful memento of our wedding day!

Kari went above and beyond throughout the day. It’s clear she really enjoys her job and always goes the extra mile to find a new and interesting shot. She’s really fun and approachable, so puts you at ease and knows when to leave you alone and when to grab you for some snaps. She also edited all the photos beautifully.

I had bookmarked Kari’s website before my now husband had even proposed! When he did (finally!) Kari was the first person I booked! I just loved her style of photos. Kari did not disappoint, she was what we wanted and more, she completely understood our brief and captured all the shots we were after. They turned out beautifully! She was also wonderful on the day, as much as I like Kari it was great that she was never in the way!

Kari was fantastic, really easy to contact, dealt with my million and one questions and was really flexible. I can’t be complimentary enough, I’ve recommended her to everyone!

Kari was extremely friendly, competent and professional. Kari made sure I understood her photography style and we spent time discussing what I wanted or didn’t want on the day. She was so helpful to me on the day; keeping me calm and managing the professional family photos with care, precision, speed and assertion. Her after care was superb, and often went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with my finished selection of photos. She was a pleasure to have around on my special day.

We initially had a different photographer for our event, but they didn’t communicate with us very well. Kari had been my first choice but, because we live on the West Coast of the United Status I didn’t know if she would be available, but she was! I can truly say that choosing Kari was the number one best decision (outside of my husband) that I made for the wedding. She listened to everything that we wanted and delivered far above and beyond anything we could have imagined.

Kari captured all the special moments and details I was hoping she would, plus many more that I didn’t think to ask for. She was professional in the booking and planning process, as well as on the day of the wedding. I was a bit self-conscious, so she expertly provided posing advice, to ensure that the photos would be flattering. She delivered the final product very quickly, and the download process was seamless. Kari ensured that our photos look as magical as our day felt!

I could not recommend Kari enough, she truely made the whole experience so enjoyable. I could never have imagined that our wedding photos would ever be so beautiful. She captured every moment of our day – even things that I hadn’t noticed! Kari understood instantly what we were after – our photos are outstanding, we have had countless comments about them. One of our guests even booked Kari on the day, without having even seen the final photos!

She captured my wedding & told a story with her pics, very informal natural shots of people hugging & laughing. She was so discreet no-one knew they were being taken, what she captured was priceless, I was so happy. My husband & I both have cancer & wedding was hastily arranged. As a “chemo chic” bride Kari handled it with sensitivity & gave me confidence to shine on my special day. Until we met I wasn’t convinced I would have the fairytale feeling that I did all captured by Kari.

Kari was amazing throughout the whole process. She understood our vision and translated it into a set of photos that are truly individual. Everyone has commented that they are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen. Both Kari and her second shooter Irene fitted in brilliantly on the day and were constantly friendly, professional and lovely to have around. I couldn’t have been happier with Kari’s communication and attention to detail before, during and after the wedding.

We didn’t really have a vision or a theme for our wedding however Kari clearly she knew us better than ourselves and our pictures really captured ‘us’ – us but magical!! Our day really felt like a fairytale come true, and the pictures make that feeling last. ‘Wow’ is a word we have heard a lot when we show our pictures, and it makes us feel proud. Kari’s talent has given us a gift we will treasure forever. Her customer service was incredible, best money spent!

Why They Booked (in random order)

Recommended by a friend, had seen her work (and loved it) and prices were good.

The pictures on her website were the style that we wanted and my friend who is a photographed looked at her blog and said she had real talent, so we booked her.

Late March/early April, she did already have 3 weddings on the previous 3 days prior to my Sunday wedding, as I was recommended to her she said she would not let me down, especially hearing about my cancer. She really made me feel she understood what I wanted from my day in pictures.

Her attitude and amazing photography.

Kari captures intimate moments and emotion so well in her photos. Her wedding photos have an airy, romantic feel to them that my husband and I didn’t see in other photographers’ portfolios we looked at. We had been looking at photographers in the States, but once Kari told us she would be willing to travel to our wedding, and we found out that the airline ticket was affordable, she instantly became our first choice for a photographer. We actually booked our wedding venue based on her availability! She captured all the different emotions of our wedding: love, joy, and fun!

I absolutely loved her style of photography. She seemed to capture the personalities and dynamics of each couple so well, while making everything look jaw-droppingly beautiful. Somehow she manages to get images of your wedding that look just like how it happened in your rose-tinted, love-addled head!

Choosing our wedding photographer was one of the most difficult decisions we had in the planning process. There are so many talented photographers in the UK. But Kari just ticked all of our boxes – and we really did have a scoring spreadsheet! Her sample images were stunning and just the mix of artistic and natural that we wanted. She was incredibly professional in her communications with us and put us at ease straight away. In addition, her standard package included a second photographer which was very important to us.

The quality of Kari’s work is truly magical. Her photographs capture the personal and intimate moments that we want to remember forever. There is not a single picture that doesn’t evoke the happiness and warmth that I felt on my wedding day. Kari was knowledgeable, confident, and frankly brilliant, she took time to get to know us and produce the perfect tone for our wedding photos.

We choose to work with Kari because of her style in photography & our confidence in her ability to produce what we aspired to have. Kari presented herself well in all aspects. From her initial introductory email, our informal meet up, our pre-wedding shoot to the day itself and lastly on the day she hand delivered the final photos in a beautifully wrapped box … – well presented -personal -very clear communication -punctual

Amazing work, friendly, same vision as me, quick to get back to me, amazing portfolio. I did not hesitate one second.

I booked Kari because I had seen some of her photos on Rock n Roll Bride and Offbeat Bride and loved the style and the way she told a story with the photos. I knew her style would suit our wedding.

We first found Kari via another photographer we approached but was fully booked. The images on her blog were stunning – almost ethereal but at the same time somehow natural, it was exactly what we were looking for. After meeting her for a coffee in London, it was an easy decision, we felt confident that she would perfectly complement the atmosphere of fun we were hoping for on the day.

She took absolutely amazing wedding photos at a friends wedding and then I started looking at her blog and just loved all her stuff

There is a big different between good photography and great photography, and this is evident with Kari’s (very professional looking) blog and website. We had quotes from cheaper photographers, but you only get one shot (pardon the pun!) to create a memorable wedding album you’re pleased with, and we couldn’t resist booking Kari having seen the many many examples of beautifully captured weddings. Kari was also very responsive throughout the correspondence we had with her before we’d decided to book her – sending us advice and answering questions…

I booked Kari through a recommendation from another photographer that was unavailable on my wedding date. However now having known Kari and her work, she would 100% be my first choice. Your wedding album is without a doubt one of the most important, memorable things to come of your day, and thanks to Kari we have the most wonderful album, that both me and my husband and family and friends CANNOT stop looking at!

We had a short engagement (3 months) and due to this we booked Kari before meeting her, but this was based on her recommendation from another photographer and the amazing pictures on her website. Her pictures seemed to capture personalities not just faces. They were far from the standard wedding photos we had seen on other sites, each one told a story. I would book her again and again!!

We booked Kari Bellamy Photography because we knew her through college and absolutely loved her work.

I wanted to go with a photographer who had been recommended to me. Kari was recommended to me by a friend , this friend also had a friend who had used Kari so I knew I would be in safe hands!

Her portfolio was easy to look through so i knew I loved her style. She was also very responsive, professional and easy going – definitely our best vendor!

Love her style of photography – theres a real beautiful charm to all over Kari’s photographs. She knows how to capture the most stunning moments


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