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how to be featured on wedding blogs

I remember the first time I saw the website “Style Me Pretty”.  It was back when I was planning my own wedding and just starting to get immersed in the “wedding world”.    Style Me Pretty was (and still is!) such a brilliant source of inspiration.

There was one wedding feature in particular that I can still see in my minds eye, it had this most amazing lace dress and blue shoes (I’ve searched in vain to try and find it to to show you, but no such luck).  It really gave me the confidence and direction to help me plan the wedding in a style that represented my future husband and I.  You can see Paul and I’s wedding featured here on the lovely Boho Bride.

I poured over Style Me Pretty every single day during my wedding planning, and I really think that it played a big part in me falling in love with the industry and then seriously pursuing a career in wedding photography.    So you could easily say, I owe a lot to bridal blogs.

My First Feature

The first wedding I ever had featured on a blog was back in 2011 and it was this one: Jason and Shelia’s medieval hand-fasting.  It’s a pretty spectacular wedding that fell in my lap when I responded to an advert on gumtree looking for a wedding photographer.   They didn’t say much about their wedding on the advert besides that it was going to be in the New Forest.  However, during our first meeting, they began to tell me what they had planned, and it sounded utterly magical.

After Jason and Shelia’s wedding, we agreed that their wedding was definitely Offbeat Bride material, and it was worth a try to submit.  So we filled out a submission and sent it off to offbeat bride.   A few months later, I noticed on my google analytics that I was getting hits from Offbeat Bride.  I was in complete shock.  When I saw their wedding featured on Offbeat Bride, it  just made my year!

My first ever wedding blog feature care of Jason and Shelia's epic wedding

My first ever wedding blog feature care of Jason and Shelia’s epic wedding


Now, several years later, a lot of my clients have found me through bridal blogs.  It’s been an interesting turn of events, from being the obsessive reader to being an active submitter of features.     I adore Wedding Blogs, and I’ve learned a lot about the submission process since Jason and Sheila’s feature back in 2011.

Here are some times if you’re getting married and your curious on how to get your wedding featured on a wedding blog:

Blogs love detail rich weddings.  If you’re quite keen on seeing your wedding featured, be sure to take some extra time to focus on the details or perhaps ask a talented friend to help you with it.  Even better, consider hiring a stylist, such as the lovely Carrie Southall, to make sure your wedding is designed to perfection.  Handing over a bit of responsibility can be quite the time and stress saver.

Let your wedding photographer help you with the submission process.  Initially, the bloggers would like to see a handful of images from your wedding and a small description of the day.  For many photographers, this is a process we deal with frequently, and in some cases already have established relationships with the bloggers.   Many blogs do allow the client to make the submission instead of the photographer, but it is always good to let the photographer know if you decide to go this route to avoid any potential confusion.

Have a blog you simply adore? Let your photographer know your favourite blog.  We can be sure to send it over there first.

Expect at Questionnaire. Once your wedding has been accepted for a feature, the blogger will send over a questionarrie that asks lots of questions regarding your wedding.  The bloggers use this to write up your blog post.  You don’t need to write a novel, a few lines will do, but they’ll always welcome lots of juicy details.

Expect a wait.   For the most popular blogs, there can usually a several month delay between the acceptance of a feature and it being seen on their site.

Don’t take it personally if your wedding isn’t featured on your first choice blog.  Wedding bloggers receive lots of lovely submissions, and they have to make decisions based on what works best for their blog and perhaps what they’ve featured recently or are planning on featuring.   Just because it didn’t make it to your first choice doesn’t mean it won’t be a perfect fit for another blog.

If you’re a a photographer and are new to the blog submission process:

Take the time to start following the wedding blogs yourself.  The more you follow them, the more likely you’ll be able to notice a good fit when you see one.   There’s quite a difference between Rock N’Roll Bride, and Rock My Wedding.

Include lots of detail shots in addition to shots of the wedding itself.  Wedding blogs are looking to inspire couples who are in the process of planning theirs with lots of ideas.  While shots of guests are lovely, they tend to be more personal to the client and those that know them.  However, shots of guests doing actives such as lawn games can feature quite well.  When I was getting married, I spent ages picking out the right shoes and making sure the stamps matched my invite perfectly.

The backbone of wedding coverage is always going to be documentary shots of the day, but spending a little time on details can defiantly be worth while. Sometimes it can only take a quick 5 minutes.  Often, I’ll do safety shot of the details earlier in the day to make sure I have everything, and then might re-shoot some of the details later when the light is better.

being featured on wedding blogs

The image on the left was my safety shot of Rose and Tom’s centrepieces. The image on the right was the one I was able to nab later in the day when the light turned magical and the marquee was opened up.  Naturally, the image on the right was the one I selected to submit to blogs.


 Every blog has a slightly different submission process.  However, these are listed out on their website.  Follow their directions exactly.  Bloggers get a lot of submissions, so they want to keep their process streamlined.  Following their instructions help them with their workload, and they’ll appreciate you for it.   Also, be sure to refer to the bloggers by their correct name and talk to them directly.   I know it’s nice for them to know that the submission wants to be on their blog specially and took the time to really think out their message.

Only submit to one location at a time.  When you submit, be sure to let them know that it’s not being considered for submission elsewhere.  Wedding blogs like to feature exclusive content.  It’s ok to put a time limit on your submission, for example “if I don’t hear back from you in 2 weeks, I’ll assume you’ve passed on this submission and I’m free to feature it elsewhere”

Build a relationship with bloggers.  It makes the process a lot easier when you’re both on the same page and work together frequently.

Take a chance! There’s been several cases where I wasn’t sure if a submission was a good fit for a particular blog, but I decided to go with my heart and try anyways.  Sometimes I get turned down, but sometimes they’ll go for it.  Don’t second guess yourself too much.  Go with your gut and give it a try.

After a wedding has been featured somewhere, you can sometimes have it featured again elsewhere.  Be sure to find out the policy regarding this, some bloggers ask that you wait several months before it’s featured elsewhere.   Some blogs are ok with content that’s been featured somewhere else first, while others would like to be the first to feature a wedding.  Be sure to be 100% clear regarding other places a wedding may have been featured so the bloggers can make informed decisions.


Even though it’s been several years since my first feature, I still get quite a trill seeing my clients featured in some of my favourite blogs.  You can see some of my features here on my Press Page.

However, I just want to say, the details of a wedding or the “feature-ness” of it, isn’t what makes a wedding great.  What truly makes a wedding magical are the people and the moments they have together.  Some of my favourite moments from weddings aren’t the ones that make it on to the bridal blogs, but are the ones that are so special and so sentimental, that every detail just falls away.   Sure, I enjoy the style aspect of weddings, but give me a Dad who stands up out of his wheelchair to dance with his daughter or a bride running barefoot playing “tag” with the kids any day over a blog feature.


This blog post is apart of my BLOG-FEBRUARY Project, where I write a blog post for everyday in February.  


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