Commerical Photography for Lituanica Foods

I have a policy of saying “yes” to things that I’ve never done before.  It’s always good to step out of your comfort zone.   Weddings are definitely my comfort zone, I shoot a lot of them and I know them well.  Commercial photography for an eastern food market chain? Not really what I usually do.  The marketing director for Lituanica, Stasys, was one of my wedding clients, so he asked if I would be interested in helping them update their portfolio of companies images, I knew I had to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try.  So in April of last year,  instead of lovely couples in their wedding garb at a grand stately home, I found myself photographing a grocery stores.

I’m quite pleased with the images from this project.  I had to approach something I don’t normally do and look at in way I wouldn’t of normally shot.  I had to shoot in the stores when they were open, and just be comfortable with customers just looking at me wondering what I was doing.   Stasys is quite a keen photographer himself, so he wanted to make sure there was a shot of the outside and inside of each store, but pass that, he really wanted me to take my own creative view in capturing the stores.   That’s a huge creative freedom to be given for a project like this.    Even though it’s far from my normal wedding work, I’m so glad I had the chance to take a stab at it!

So without further ado- here my favourite shots from that project:

london commerical photogtapher_0004.jpglondon commerical photogtapher_0006.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0009.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0013.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0008.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0010.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0011.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0012.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0002.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0003.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0014.jpg
london commerical photogtapher_0005.jpg

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