Album Fundraiser for UK Food Banks

You’re stuck at home for the next few weeks, and I’m stuck at home for the next few weeks.  You’ve been meaning to get around to ordering your wedding album but haven’t really had time to select the images. I’ve had my shoots and upcoming weddings over the next few weeks postponed.  But why should you think about ordering your wedding album right now when there’s a crisis?

Here’s the plan…

Every single of penny of profit I make from print sales and wedding albums in the next two weeks will go to The Trussell Trust,  a charity that supports 2/3rds of all of the UK’s food banks.  They are working hard at the moment to help people that need emergency food right now, including those that have been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

I will be donating all of my time spent on design and admin, and you will receive a beautiful, bespoke handmade album of your favourite images from your wedding day.  You’ll have a stunning family heirloom and also made a purchase that will help families around the UK during this difficult time.

Each album purchase includes: 

  • A completely custom layout and design (and 3 rounds of graphic design revision included in the price)
  • A bespoke handmade album of your choice with real leather, linen or velvet covers.
  • Up to two lines of text on the cover of your album.
  • At least 80 of your favourite images from your wedding (and expandable up to 240 more images depending on the book size).
  • A flexible, lay-flat design, that includes full-width-images across two pages and custom layouts.
  • 240 GSM Paper
  • A matching linen box and canvas cover bag
  • All shipping costs
  • No additional VAT charges (photo albums are VAT exempt)

You can see more of your options here on my Artbook Album Order Form.

The exact amount of profit varies depending on your album selection, but I’ll let you know exactly how much this will be once we’ve gone through the order and design process.  Naturally, the bigger album you order, the more money will be donated to The Trussell Trust.

If I shot your wedding years ago, that’s not a problem, your gallery is still active for you to make your image selections.  If you’re one of my future clients, you can pre-order your album now and those profits will still be donated to help UK food banks.

If you’d like to just order a print, this can easily be done through your image galleries.  I’ll send you a personal email shortly afterwards to let you know how much your donation will be.

So if you’re looking for a good way to spend some of your downtime over the next couple of weeks, get started on your image selection!

Here are some images of what your album could look like to help get you started!! And when you’re ready, fill out the order form to get the ball rolling!

I really can’t wait to see if this works and I’m really excited to see if we can use our downtime to not only make some incredible albums but do some good in the world.

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