Artbook Album Order Form 

The 7 steps to creating your bespoke wedding album

1) Create a favourites list in your gallery or make a dropbox folder of the images that you can't live without.  Start with aiming for around 80 images, but if you can't narrow it down that's not a problem.  The books can be expanded to hold up to 240 images if needed.  

2) Flip through the fabric swatches at the bottom of this page and take a peek at the other customisation options. If you'd like to see some or all of the swatches in person, just let me know. 

3) Fill out the order form below to let me know what you've decided. 

4) I'll pop you over an invoice and then start the design process of your album.  You'll be able to "flip" through the album online and this is your chance to change the layout of images and suggest edits to specific pages.   

5) Once you've had the chance to digitally flip through your album and you love every page,  the album will then be sent off to be custom made.

6) Albums typically take around 1-2 months to be made by hand and go through the printing and drying process.  I'll give you an update as soon as you can expect to see it coming in the post. 

7) Sit down as a couple with a glass of wine and enjoy your beautiful handmade bespoke book!   


The Order Form

Cover Fabric Options 

Every artbook album comes with a matching box. These boxes will be made out of the same fabric as your album.  If you're opting for a leather album, the box needs to be made out of fabric, not leather.  So be sure to pick a fabric that you think will compliment your leather choice and pop it in the order notes.  

Click on a swatch to see the fabric in more detail and to see the fabric name for your order form.  If you'd like to see the swatches in person, just let me know! 

Cover Personalisation Options 

Personalise your album with custom text on the cover.  From your names and dates to your wedding logo or a special phrase, this is the first impression of what's inside.  

Not every cover personalisation option works with every cover fabric choice.  So to keep things simple, I'll let you know your specific options after you make your fabric selection.  


Embossing is the process of stamping a brass type into the fabric or lather at great pressure and temperature leaving the letters permanently impressed into the surface of the cover.  

This will be the font Future PT Book in 9mm in colours: Clear, Gold and White.  

Looks amazing on Leather! 


A special foil that bonds with linen.  Similar to embossing but doesn't dent the cover and is flat.  Available in gold, silver, white and black and a selection of fonts.  

Looks lovely on silks and linens but not possible on leather or velvets.  

Laser Etching and Custom Stamps 

Create a custom die or have a personalised laser etching on your cover.  Additional costs apply.  

Design Style 

When I'm designing the layout of your album, I usually tend to design in the "style 1" seen below but if you have a preference on the layout style of your album, pop a comment in your order notes.  

You will have the chance to preview the layout of your album before it goes to print.  

Style 1: Classic

Feels more like a traditional album, with plenty of white space around the images.  Images will not go to the edge of the pages.  

This is my preferred way of designing albums as it feels "timeless" 

Style 2: Mixed

Still plenty of white space but images are more likely to go to the edges of the page and have layouts that are less likely to be as symmetrical.  

Style 3: Modern

Virtually no white space, images fill the pages completely.   


There is a lot of information on this page!  When in doubt, just start with selecting the images you love and we'll go from there.  Let me know if at any point you'd like to meet up in person to have a one-on-one design meeting.  I'm also always available at the end of an email, skype or phone call to help you through the process.