Meet Kari 

photo of london wedding photographer Kari Bellamy

A little about me

I love big sunglasses, red lipstick and dressing up like it's the 50's (although you'll never catch me in a pair of high heels).  I love mac and cheese, donuts and weightlifting (you have to, with all the donuts). I'm obsessive about sunscreen, I'm addicted to collecting vintage furniture from flea markets and I'm always tinkering in the garden, usually with my fluffy black and white cat Quentin around my ankles. My cat gets treated like royalty and doesn't like it when your wedding photos get more attention than him, so he takes it out on my keyboard. If you're a fellow cat lover, feel free to give him a follow on Instagram to boast his kitty ego.  

I've been a wedding photographer for 11 awesome years, it's no coincidence that I've always been married for 11 years.  No, I didn't shoot my own wedding! But planning my wedding made me realise weddings were something I really enjoyed (and my love of spreadsheets and planning may have been a factor in that).  You'll notice when we chat that I have an American accent, but I've lived in London for 10 years and I wouldn't call anywhere else home. 


Before the Wedding

Communication is key, and I pride myself on responding with lightning speed to your emails. It's the worst being left to wait for an answer! 

I usually meet up with my couples before the wedding to chat about anything you may or may not want from your photos. Of course, you're booking me for my style, but a big part of my role is to make sure you're happy. I love discovering which kind of photos inspire you, so feel free to show me examples and we'll talk about how we can create wedding photos you'll love.  

Being Your Wedding Photographer

I’ll photograph your wedding offering all-day coverage, usually around 12 hours.

I have difficulty pulling myself away from a wedding quicker than that, and I usually finish up because I’m exhausted!  I love a good party, and I’ll dance with the guests and laugh at your uncle’s jokes. I’m patient when it comes to difficult family situations and I know how to work fast to get what I need. At your wedding, I can turn off my phone and emails and be present in the moment. I can focus on taking awesome photos of your wedding day! It doesn’t feel like work!

I’m there for you 110%. From answering late night emails through to making sure all of your images are perfect, and my fee reflects my commitment. I am selective about the weddings I shoot, as I prefer to have a smaller group of couples where I can provide an awesome service. This way if you have unusual requests or something more personal you’d like me to cater to, that’s great!

I love a good challenge. I like nailing the the shot that I thought would be impossible, I like being helpful on the wedding day, I like giving the family a family picture that will live on as apart of their family legacy. I really like getting that glimpse into the lives of others and seeing how many awesome people are out in the world.

If I sound like your cup of tea,

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