I’m Kari and although I speak with a bit of a ‘yank’ accent, I’m a London-based wedding photographer. I work with brides and grooms that are passionate about their wedding photography, helping them in any way I can to ensure they are going to throw an amazing party for their family and friends.

My Background

I always really loved photography, but didn’t actively pursue as a career until I found myself as a university graduate with a day job that didn’t allow for creativity.

As I was the first person in my family to graduate from university, I should do something practical. I ended up getting a business degree. Shortly afterwards, I moved across America to be with my then boyfriend (now husband) and found a normal 9-5 job in the business world. It didn’t take me long for me to realize there way no way I could do that job for the rest of my life.

I wanted to be more creative, to be more ‘myself’, and so I started photographing portraits for friends, and then I photographed my friend’s wedding as a favour as she couldn’t afford a professional. From there, I found more and more wedding work.

In 2010, my husband and I moved to the UK and I continued to pick up photography jobs whenever I could. In 2012, it got to the point where I had to go full time as a photographer and that without doubt has been the best decision ever. I never thought I could love my job this much!

When I’m not working, I love exploring London. I’ll meander around an area that I’ve not been to before. I like to get lost and then find my way out, passing through shops, art galleries, stopping for coffee. I’ll happily walk miles, and I love the feeling of “Ooh, that’s a pretty street! Let’s see what’s down there!” I love reading about design, modern architecture, and street art. I love a good conversation over a tasty meal with my husband. When we’re out, we like to swing dance, going to comedy clubs and whatever weird events we can find happening in London.

I love weddings. A good wedding for me is about family and friends, all your favourite people, coming together for an amazing celebration, full of love and happiness. I love the packed dance floors, the emotional Dads, the slightly awkward but hilarious grooms’ speeches, and seeing two people celebrate their commitment together.

I’m very passionate about equal marriage. Although same sex civil marriages have been legal in the UK for some years, I’ve been a strong support for equal marriage in the States. Love is love, and no matter what your sexual or gender identification.

The technical aspects of photography are very important to me and my couples love that. I want images showing movement, emotion and a beautiful moment. I want my images to be well composed, sharp, and have lovely processing to boot.

A behind the scenes shot of me photographing Emily and John on their wedding day.

Before the Wedding

I think communication is really important us all, so leading up to your wedding, I will always respond quickly to your emails and questions.

I love to be helpful with any aspect of your wedding and encourage you to ask any questions! I like to help keep the wedding on time, I keep track of things in the morning while everything is going crazy. I’m happy to be a sounding board or an excuse to duck out of your wedding day to have some time alone.

During the client meetings I invite you to let me know anything you may or may not like in your photos. I love to see which kind of photos inspire you, so feel free to show me examples and say “I’d love this photo except..” I enjoy taking care of these ideas. I really love to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that you are happy with the level of customer service you receive together with a beautiful collection of photos.

Being Your Wedding Photographer

I’ll photograph your wedding offering all day coverage, ideally at least 10 hours.

I have difficulty pulling myself away from a wedding quicker than that, and I usually finish up because I’m exhausted!  I love a good party, and I’ll dance with the guests and laugh at your uncle’s jokes. I’m patient when it comes to difficult family situations and I know how to work fast to get what I need. At your wedding, I can turn off my phone and emails and be present in the moment. I can focus on taking awesome photos of your wedding day! It doesn’t feel like work!

I’m there for you 110%. From answering late night emails through to making sure all of your images are perfect, and my fee reflects my commitment. I am selective about the weddings I shoot, as I prefer to have a smaller group of couples where I can provide an awesome service. This way if you have unusual requests or something more personal you’d like me to cater to, that’s great!

I love a good challenge. I like nailing the the shot that I thought would be impossible, I like being helpful on the wedding day, I like giving the family a family picture that will live on as apart of their family legacy. I really like getting that glimpse into the lives of others and seeing how many awesome people are out in the world.

If I sound like your cup of tea,

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